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Meet Owner Tom Farinacci

“My family and I moved to the Clear Lake area in 1978. I grew up here, made friends here, went to high school here, and after college, decided I wanted to live and work here. If you’ll pardon the expression, my 'roots' here run deep.

“The home environment my parents created for me and my siblings was warm, loving and always in order. Mom and Dad took great pride in keeping our home looking its best—both inside and out. From an early age, I took an interest in my father’s work around the outside of the house and as soon as I was old enough to safely do so, I helped him however and wherever I could.

“Ultimately, that led to a summer job mowing lawns. I enjoyed finding new customers and took great pride in the look of their front yards. My commitment to excellence was strong and I guess you could say I developed a reputation as a hard working young man. And that’s how my landscaping business got started.

“After graduating from Sam Houston State University with a Landscape Architecture degree, I decided to make a career in the landscaping industry. My existing customers—some of whom I had known and worked with since I was newly-able to drive a pickup—provided great word-of-mouth advertising. I didn’t have a lot of money to work with, but I was sincere about what I did and, thanks to college, had a lot of knowledge about my profession.

“We do a lot more than residential lawn service today. I'm proud of the recent acquisition of Green Leaf Enterprises. We now provide top-quality service to both residential and commercial customers; however, our commitment to uncompromising excellence remains the same.

“My business philosophy is simple: Provide honest advice. Treat people fairly. Do the best you can do. And since my father joined me in the business some time ago, we also try to make sprinkle a little Farinacci Fun into our approach to business.

“Whether your lawn care and landscaping job is small or large, whether residential or commercial, our promise to you is to provide the best service possible at a fair and reasonable price. Our track record of honesty and reliability speaks for itself, but the good news is you don’t have to take my word for it. I invite you to review testimonials from our many satisfied customers elsewhere on this Web site.

“If you’ve seen one of our trucks or vans around the area, chances are you’ve seen one of our crews working. They’re no-nonsense guys who take great pride in their work. Our entire team at Green Leaf Enterprises, from father and son Tom Farinacci to our families, staff and crews look forward to being of service to you.”

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