Paver Patios

Green Leaf Enterprises can create a unique and useful patio that will become the centerpiece of your outdoor living area. We feature a wide variety of paver patio materials that work well in the Houston area. Our knowledgeable designer will assist you in choosing the best material for your intended uses and budget.

A key to a professional installation is knowing the soil conditions and characteristics of the Houston area. We have lived here for 33 years and understand the characteristics of the soil conditions, which will be addressed correctly.


Flagstone Patios

When the time comes to choose your new patio material, one is always drawn to the beauty of natural stone. If this fits your mood and budget, let our true craftsman create you a one-of-a-kind unique flagstone patio.

Green Leaf Enterprises has a stone craftsman that has been with us for years. Let us design a rustic, natural stone patio which is meticulously assembled like a giant puzzle.

We offer a number of combinations of stone color and sizes, and our designer will gladly help with suggestions on what will best fit your home.

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